Our Philosophy

Following the policy set by The Ledston Charity of benefiting local charities and individuals where the money raised has been donated to many varied and interesting projects, The Yorkshire Charity will continue to focus its support in four main areas: Health and Human Services, Education, Civic and Community Programmes and the Arts. No profit making organisation will be considered. Every penny raised goes to local charities, charitable organisations and charity based individuals.
Each year we support a number of amazing local charities and from those we select one to be the main beneficiary.

Yorkshire Air Ambulance – Lead Charity 2017


It may surprise you to know that the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity relies on the generosity of individuals and organisations to help save lives across Yorkshire.

In fact as a Charity they only receive help through secondment of paramedics from the NHS, through Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.  To keep both of Yorkshire’s air ambulances in the air they need to raise £12,000 per day.

This is equivalent to £4.4 million per year. As a rapid response air emergency service the Charity serves a population of approximately 5 million people across 4 million acres. Their two Air Ambulances operate from The Nostell Priory Estate near Wakefield and RAF Topcliffe near Thirsk, and together both Air Ambulances cover the whole of the region.

Leeds Rhinos Foundation – Partner Charity


Leeds Rhinos Foundation is the official charity of Leeds Rhinos and has been a partner Charity to The Yorkshire Charity for many years. They deliver fantastic projects in the heart of the community by harnessing the power of sport to make a lasting, positive impact on individuals’ lives. As Leeds Rhinos’ charity we have a unique opportunity to truly change lives through sport.

The Leeds Rhinos Foundation delivers a range of projects under its five principles of Education, Health, Sport, Art and Heritage. Sport is an engaging tool that allows their staff to work with a whole range of individuals, delivering important lifestyle messages to inspiring others to make positive changes to their own lives.

They work alongside primary and secondary schools, community clubs and run holiday rugby camps, rugby festivals, community days and health and education projects year round to engage with both children and adults from all over the community.

Heart Research UK – Partner Charity


Heart Research is the second largest heart charity in the UK and has been a partner charity of The Yorkshire Charity for many years. They fund pioneering medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease as well as helping communities improve their lifestyles with Healthy Heart Grants. Heart Research Uk is a growing charity that works to help people live healthier, happier, longer lives. Any money raised by The Yorkshire Charity will directly go towards helping Yorkshire Hearts.

We've Raised over
so far...

Our List of Donations

£12,000 Brigshaw Trust

£5,000 Leeds Rhinos Foundation

£3,000 Heart Research UK

£1,000 Friends of Kirk Fenton

£10,000 Leeds Rhinos Foundation

£10,000 York Cancer Research Unit (Prostate Cancer)

£11,000 Other local charities & individuals

£15,000 Leeds Cancer Vaccine Appeal

£9,500 Local charities & individuals

£13,000 Local charities & individuals

£12,500 Local charities & individuals

£6,000 The Variety Club Childrens Charity
£5,000 Other local charities & individuals

£9,000 Heart Research
£5,000 Other local charities & individuals

£9,000 St Georges Crypt
£9,000 Other local charities & individuals

£7,500 Sparks
£10,000 Other local charities & individuals

£10,000 Motor Neurone Disease Association
£8,000 Other local charities & individuals