Our Philosophy

The Yorkshire Charity benefits local charities and individuals where money raised has been donated to many varied and interesting projects. Support is focussed in four main areas: Health and Human Services, Education, Civic and Community Programmes and the Arts. No profit making organisation will be considered. Every penny raised goes to local charities, charitable organisations and charity based individuals.
Each year we support a number of amazing local charities and from those we select one to be the main beneficiary.

Heart Research UK – Lead Charity 2020

In the UK, it’s estimated that 6 to 8 million people are living with undiagnosed or uncontrolled blood pressure.

50% of heart attacks and strokes are associated with high blood pressure.

As you can see, this is an issue that very much needs action. So many people don’t get their blood pressure checked, many people put it off purely because of the inconvenience of going to their GP. With your support, we can help fill this gap and make health checks more accessible and less intimidating to people in Yorkshire, which would aim to see a decrease in premature death.

With £100 Heart Research UK could offer health checks to 100 people. Predominantly through the workplace, these checks are informative, quick and most importantly accessible to people.

35% of the people currently given health checks by Heart Research UK have high blood pressure and either go straight to their GP/hospital or in the less severe cases, make simple lifestyle changes that make a big difference to their health.

We’d be absolutely delighted to partner with the Yorkshire Charity Ball in 2020 and support more hearts across Yorkshire.

We've Raised over
so far...

Our List of Donations

£10,000 – St Gemma’s Hospice

£3,000 – Heart Research UK

£3,000 – Give a Duck

£1,500 – 4 Louis

£1,400 – 2nd Chance Headway

£1,000 – South Yorkshire Disaster

£1,000 – Leeds Rhinos Foundation

£1,000 – Team Sunshine Sam

£500 – Brighsaw Trust

£500 – Riding for the Disabled

£500 – Sherburn High School

£11,900 – CLIC Sargent

£3,000 – Heart Research

£3,000 – Leeds Rhinos Foundation

£2,000 – Andy’s Man Club

£1,000 – Brigshaw Trust

£775 – Featherstone Rovewrs Foundation

£500 – Friends of Kirk Deighton Primary School

£12,500 – The Yorkshire Air Ambulance

£8,969 – Leeds Teaching Hospital

£4,000 – Leeds Rhinos Foundation

£4,000 – Heart Research UK

£3,000 – Featherstone Rovers Foundation

£1,500 – Leeds Cancer

£1,000 – Brighsaw Trust

£500 – Friends of Kirk Deighton Primary School

£12,000 Brigshaw Trust

£5,000 Leeds Rhinos Foundation

£3,000 Heart Research UK

£1,000 Friends of Kirk Fenton

£10,000 Leeds Rhinos Foundation

£10,000 York Cancer Research Unit (Prostate Cancer)

£11,000 Other local charities & individuals

£15,000 Leeds Cancer Vaccine Appeal

£9,500 Local charities & individuals

£13,000 Local charities & individuals

£12,500 Local charities & individuals

£6,000 The Variety Club Childrens Charity
£5,000 Other local charities & individuals

£9,000 Heart Research
£5,000 Other local charities & individuals

£9,000 St Georges Crypt
£9,000 Other local charities & individuals

£7,500 Sparks
£10,000 Other local charities & individuals

£10,000 Motor Neurone Disease Association
£8,000 Other local charities & individuals