Our Philosophy

Following the policy set by The Ledston Charity of benefiting local charities and individuals where the money raised has been donated to many varied and interesting projects, The Yorkshire Charity will continue to focus its support in four main areas: Health and Human Services, Education, Civic and Community Programmes and the Arts. No profit making organisation will be considered. Every penny raised goes to local charities, charitable organisations and charity based individuals.
Each year we support a number of amazing local charities and from those we select one to be the main beneficiary.

St Gemma’s Hospice – Lead Charity 2019

St Gemma's Hospice

St Gemma’s Hospice is a Leeds-based charity providing expert care and support for local people with life-limiting illnesses. We offer care to patients and their carers in the Hospice’s 32 bed In-Patient Unit, through the St Gemma’s community team and via our day services, which includes a Day Hospice and Out-Patient Department. Our care is always provided free-of-charge and is open to patients of all beliefs, religions and cultures.

St Gemma’s is the largest hospice in Yorkshire and one of the largest in the UK.

We've Raised over
so far...

Our List of Donations

£12,500 – The Yorkshire Air Ambulance

£4000 – Leeds Rhinos Foundation

£4000 – Heart Research UK

£3000 – Featherstone Rovers Foundation

£1000 – Brighsaw Trust

£500 – Friends of Kirk Deighton Primary School

£12,000 Brigshaw Trust

£5,000 Leeds Rhinos Foundation

£3,000 Heart Research UK

£1,000 Friends of Kirk Fenton

£10,000 Leeds Rhinos Foundation

£10,000 York Cancer Research Unit (Prostate Cancer)

£11,000 Other local charities & individuals

£15,000 Leeds Cancer Vaccine Appeal

£9,500 Local charities & individuals

£13,000 Local charities & individuals

£12,500 Local charities & individuals

£6,000 The Variety Club Childrens Charity
£5,000 Other local charities & individuals

£9,000 Heart Research
£5,000 Other local charities & individuals

£9,000 St Georges Crypt
£9,000 Other local charities & individuals

£7,500 Sparks
£10,000 Other local charities & individuals

£10,000 Motor Neurone Disease Association
£8,000 Other local charities & individuals